The grand picture


In today’s fast paced, changing and complex world, strategic decisions have to be made quickly. Managers often have to rely on largely outdated financial numbers or information traveling through long distorting chains of reporting.

To make solid decisions managers need to see “the real thing”, “gemba” in Japanese, without delay. Agemba is a solution to this challenge, providing immediate insight into a project or initiative for optimal prioritization or changes of direction.


It’s hard enough making decisions without wondering if the basis for each decision is a fallacy. Agemba provides clear visibility across the organization, enabling decisions to be based on the facts as they are. Read more, click the title.


In even the best run organizations, the leaders at the top rarely have the expert knowledge required to make informed decisions on behalf of the engineers, scientists, designers, developers and other specialists that work for them. Those who try, usually create more problems than they solve.

Managing projects with Agemba

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