The Dashboard is a multi-page, customizable view that can be personalized with “dashlets” to precisely show the information required to orient the user and establish the priorities. Unless configured, it will default to the built-in dashboard with two pages, each with the activity feed and list dashlets. Agemba has a Site Dashboard and a Circle Dashboard, which are very similar.
Here is an example of a dashlet:

Site and Circle Dashboards

Agemba has two dashboard windows, one at Site level and one at Circle level. You can access the Dashboard window from the Main Menu.

Switch Dashboards or their Pages

Use the dropdown menu at the far top left corner of the Dashboard view to select the Dashboard to display  (the green box below). For Dashboards that have two or more pages, switching between them can be done either using the previous and next arrows found on the left and right margins of the page, or using the dot indicators at the top of the page, or using the page selector in the menu (the red box below).

Dashlets Dropdown

Dashlets configured to show different sets of lists will have a dropdown menu where the lists can be selected. For example:

Users can configure their lists with specific filters and display them in dashlets. More on customizing Dashboards below.

Customizing Dashboards

Users can (with the necessary user rights) configure their own dashboards to show precisely the kind of overview they need. Some users can also publish and share their dashboards with the other users in the site or circle. Read more about Customizing Dashboards.