Agemba arrives in the Americas

A better approach to working the Agile way

A commonly heard refrain from Product Owners and Project Managers is, “we use project management tools from x, y or z, so why do we need Agemba?”

The “About” section of many technology companies’ websites avow their devotion to Agile principles and methodologies, but when pressed for the evidence, the truth often reveals that while the desire to be Agile is not in doubt, its implementation is often lacking because the tools, processes and training to support it are incomplete or inadequate.

Missed targets, budget overruns, feature short-falls, unresolved bugs, frustrated customers and employees are part of the fabric of technology development, but such disappointments can be mitigated or avoided altogether.

Agemba provides:

  • Better management of change
  • Greater transparency for all stakeholders
  • Focus on team-alignment
  • More accurate estimation models
  • Reduced risk
  • More value for customers

Agemba is the result of many years’ experience running complex technology development projects and offers a broad and inclusive approach to Agile project management. It helps customers, product owners, scrum masters and development teams to work collaboratively using Agile principles to access information and communicate openly and respectfully to raise, understand and resolve issues, while learning from the experience.

Agemba’s Storymap, Outline and Roadmap provides transparency between teams and across the organization. Innovative models for estimation and issue resolution are designed to facilitate constant improvement of the process even in highly complex situations where knowledge is fragmented.

ALH Training and Support Services

Agile Lean House offers on-line and in-person training in Scrum and Agile Lean Leadership. On-line courses are self-paced and can be accessed anytime at ALH also provides expert project management services on a contract basis.

Agemba in the cloud

Agemba runs in the cloud, but can also be installed on terrestrial servers for those that require it.

For more information please contact:

Paul Norton