It’s hard enough making decisions without wondering if the basis for each decision is a fallacy. Agemba provides clear visibility across the organization, enabling decisions to be based on the facts as they are, not as we might wish them to be.

What is transparency?

It is not in everyone’s nature to be open and direct and we all have protective tendencies toward ourselves and the things we care about. Even at work, we support our colleagues and try to present our work in the most positive light. In themselves, they are natural and laudable attributes, but they can be destructive and counterproductive when they conceal facts and information that are important to the success of a greater goal.

If in the interests of being positive, we give misleading information about our expectations or the status of a task we are working on, it can derail the rest of the project. If we make a mistake and don’t tell anyone, or deliberately ignore a glaring miscalculation to protect a colleague, we are doing what comes naturally but may cause customer dissatisfaction, delays, cost overruns and countless other issues that beset organizations every day.

Decisions made on false premises or incorrect data have consequences that are disruptive at best and catastrophic at worst. As hard as it is to face them sometimes, knowing the facts and being open about them are the only conditions under which decisions can be made with confidence; this is the essence of transparency and it is key to the successful operation of any organization. Openness, honesty and directness, beat obfuscation, defensiveness and secrecy every time.

We learn from many sources that the first step in delivering persistent, quality solutions to complex challenges is radical transparency. Everybody needs to see the same un-manipulated situation. A key benefit of Agmeba is that it provides true insight by enabling the same data to be viewed from many angles.

Psychological safety

For contributions to be made in ways that are open, honest and direct, it is necessary to create a safe environment, where mistakes are acknowledged without punishment and where the clear facts are valued above the discomfort they may cause. It is better to know the truth in real-time and react appropriately and deal with it than it is to be deluded and only find out later when reality finally hits home.

A safe environment is a mindset or attitude that pervades an organization and is ideally present at all levels in all disciplines. In the section on Teams, it will be apparent that Team creation and success is not just about having the right skills, but also the right attitude.

Transparency in Agemba

Given the critical need for transparency as the means for meeting collective organizational goals, Agemba provides the tools to create a cohesive organization that can embrace and connect all stakeholders, including customers and suppliers.

The facts are crucial, so Agemba provides visibility across the entire organization. To ensure accountability and enable impediments to be identified and resolved, it provides the tools to quickly assess status and trace activity.

  • The Dashboard gives you a customizable digest of the information that you need. What happened recently, which things should I focus on etc.
  • The Circle Map gives an immediate overview over the entire organization. You have access to the Manifests of each Circle, you see the relationships – with their manifests – between the circles and you can trace the delegations from circle to circle
  • The Outline shows detailed planning of items in the hierarchy of the Storymap versus time, releases, sprint, milestones etc.
  • The Storymap is primarily an overview of the functional decomposition of what the Circle does. You can also see issues, ideas, user personas and milestones
  • The Roadmap gives a high-level overview of events and plans organized along a timeline
  • Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog provides transparency into strategic and tactical planning and progress
  • With the List View users can cross-examine all data

If you want people to change behavior, sometimes you have to give them a tool that allows them to do it – Dave Snowden.


  • The facts are critical to good decision making
  • Agemba provides visibility across an organization, goals, progress and impediments
  • Transparency engenders trust born out of open cooperation
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