It’s hard enough making decisions without wondering if the basis for each decision is a fallacy. Agemba provides clear visibility across the organization, enabling decisions to be based on the facts as they are, not as we might wish them to be.

Transparency in Agemba

Given the critical need for transparency to meet collective organizational goals, Agemba provides the tools to create a cohesive organization that embraces and connects all stakeholders, including customers and suppliers.

The facts are crucial, so Agemba provides visibility across the entire organization. It provides the tools to assess status and trace activity quickly to ensure accountability and enable impediments to be identified and resolved.

  • The Dashboard gives you a customizable digest of the information that you need. What happened recently, which things should I focus on etc.
  • The Circle Map gives a quick overview of the entire organization. You have access to the Manifests of each Circle, you see the relationships – with their manifests – between the circles and you can trace the delegations from circle to circle.
  • The Outline shows detailed planning of items in the hierarchy of the Storymap versus time, releases, sprint, milestones etc.
  • The Storymap is primarily an overview of the functional decomposition of what the Circle does. You can also see issues, ideas, user personas and milestones
  • The Roadmap gives a high-level overview of events and plans organized along a timeline
  • Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog provide transparency into strategic and tactical planning and progress.
  • With the List View users can cross-examine all data

If you want people to change behavior, sometimes you have to give them a tool that allows them to do it – Dave Snowden.


  • The facts are critical to good decision making
  • Agemba provides visibility across an organization, goals, progress and impediments.
  • Transparency engenders trust born out of open cooperation.