Agemba – the Agile online workflow solution – unites organizations and provides the structure, transparency and accountability that improves customer satisfaction and boosts fulfillment for all stakeholders.

What is Agemba?

Frustrated that the available tools and prevailing management approaches were insufficient to address the complex issues faced by many organizations, Agemba was created to provide modern solutions to contemporary problems.

Implementing the “Scrum” pattern, commonly used in software development, Agemba expands and enhances the approach to provide the structures and transparency all stakeholders need to make decisions and take action based on the facts as they are, not as it is hoped they might be. The name, Agemba is short for Agile Gemba, Gemba is the Japanese word for “the real place”, “where it really happens”.

Agemba is a cloud-based software tool that helps organizations use Agile Lean principles and patterns in managing work from daily activities to large-scale projects. Doing so it improves outcomes for all stakeholders including customers, shareholders and employees. Using team or circle structures to organize and execute work, projects are managed through Backlogs and deliverables are divided into discrete, traceable iterations which are transparent to the organization and for which responsibility and status are clearly identified. Every action on an item is logged, and a trail of comments and discussions on each item exists and provides a superb overview of how final specifications were reached.

Built on a robust, open-source content management system, Agemba provides information and tools to understand expectations, collaborate with colleagues and get the job done to specification, on time and within budget. From any desktop or mobile device, users access individually targeted data through a simple and clear interface. And with email and text alerts, the focus is maintained and details are prevented from being lost.

Who will benefit from Agemba?

In even the best-run organizations, the leaders at the top rarely have the expert knowledge required to make informed decisions on behalf of the engineers, scientists, designers, developers and other specialists that work for them. Those who try, usually create more problems than they solve.

Agemba and the Agile Lean principles that it is based upon, were created so the decision-making required when working on complex, innovative projects can be devolved and shared by those doing the work. In other words, it puts the thinking and doing into the hands of the specialists, leaving the senior leaders to focus on the high-level strategic aspects of and resolution of challenges in the organization.
Agemba is designed for any technology or innovative organization that needs to solve complex issues as part of its daily routine.

Agemba has its special focus on improving the strategic part of work: “what should we spend our time and resources on”. This is in Scrum handled by the role called the Product Owner, in Agile Lean Leadership the CO. Agemba is particularly optimized to support this role.

Summary of Agemba benefits

  • Provides a truly customer-centric approach to getting work done with full transparency
  • Deploys Agile Lean work patterns across entire organizations in a truly collaborative fashion
  • Uses Team/Circles to combine the work of thinking and doing and provide high internal coherence and low external coupling
  • Provides structure, traceability and thus accountability
  • Focuses on fact-based decision making
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