Tactical View

alh-optional:SprintAndKanban Tactical Backlog View /alh-optional alh-optional:OnlyKanban Kanban Board View /alh-optional alh-optional:OnlySprint Sprint Backlog View /alh-optional alh-optional:SprintAndKanban,OnlySprint This view is a daily tool for the sprint team to keep track of …

Enable/Disable Preconditions

Disabling Preconditions will consequently disable the feature that enables working with Precondition Epics and Stories. Information about any of the existing Preconditions will however, be preserved. 

Enable/Disable Stakeholders

Disabling Stakeholders will consequently disable the feature that enables incorporating Circle stakeholders in the form of personas. Information of existing personas will however be preserved and not removed completely.

Enable/Disable Feedback

Disabling Feedback will disable the feature of Creating and working with Issues and Ideas in the Circle. Any existing Issues and Ideas will be silently ignored and kept out of …

Enable/Disable Roadmap

Disabling the Roadmap will remove the possibility of working with a Roadmap in the current Circle. If there was an established Roadmap however, and some items were planned in it, …