Circle Map grid, default user avatars and better overview of comments

You can now experience the latest updates for Agemba as of March 18.

Grid lines in Circle Map

Moving circles in the Circle Map is now improved with the new grid lines. These grid lines can be enabled at all times or only when moving a circle.

All new circles created from the top menu are now by default placed in a left pane for Unplaced circles and can be moved from there to a fitting position in the Circle Map.


Team avatars and default user avatars

You can now upload a picture as an avatar for all your teams, just like for your user account.

When a team or user has no avatar, a default avatar will instead be shown with the initials of the user/team. For users a uniquely colored circle is shown and for teams a uniquely colored square is shown. In this way it is easier to get an overview of the assigned user or team in e.g. Kanban boards or Sprint boards (as shown below) even when an avatar has not been set.


Better comment overview

Comments are now shown in the overview page and right panel. This means that it is quick to inspect any comments in the right panel, when selecting a card or row in the list. 


If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to submit it to the support team here.