Support for Client Feedback in Agemba

Some major improvements have just been made in Agemba:

Handling Client Feedback

It is now possible to handle feedback from clients that are not members of the site. When you enable Public Feedback in the Circle configuration, you get a link for a Feedback submission page, which you can share with your clients. From this page (right view below) clients can describe and submit feedback, which shows up in the Feedback page in the circle view inside Agemba (left view below).

Team members can communicate with the client and add internal-only properties such as Feedback Type, Assigned To or comments. Furthermore, each feedback can be linked with stories, issues or ideas, thereby connecting the dialog you have with your client with the user stories you are working on.


Set Expected Start and Stop Dates in Roadmap

It is now simpler to both move cards and change their expected start and stop dates in Roadmap. Simply select the card (as shown below) and pull the sides of the card – or move the entire card around by using the handle at the bottom of the card. If you hold down Ctrl or Shift, your movement with be limited to vertical or horizontal.

From the View menu, you can choose which types of relations to show or if you only want to view relations for the current selected card.


Improved Card Design in Storymap

Cards in Storymap and in other views have been improved with an easier-to-read font. Furthermore, the font size changes when you zoom, which allows you to see more of the title when you zoom in.

As always, if you have any questions, then please feel free to contact the support team.