Kanban lanes in Sprint Backlog

A Kanban lane is a workflow line consisting of sub-states (sub-queues) each with their own done-criteria and each serving as the input queue for the next state.

By default it comes preconfigured with three substates i.e. “To Do” , “Progess” and “Done”. The user can however configure each lane independently to contain more sub-states and in any particular order from the lane’s context menu.

Part of the configuration includes setting a wip limit, max number of items, per sub-state. This wip limit will then be shown on the Kanban lane card in brackets along with the number of Items currently in the sub-state. If the current number of items in the sub-state exceeds the wip limit, the wip limit will turn red. See screen dump below:


Tasks can be created directly in the lane a Story is in, using the icon.