Customizing Lists

The icon located at the top right corner of the List view gives access to the facilities for customizing lists. 

Users with the user right Customize Dashboards and Lists allowed to create and maintain private dashboards (on either site or circle level). Users with the user right Share Dashboards and Lists can also create and maintain public dashboards that other users can use, as well as private dashboards for personal use only. 

The snippet below shows the view a user sharing user rights can see, when customizing lists in the Circle.

Creating Lists

There are two ways to create a List regardless of the category it falls under:

  • From the New List button – this will open a window where the title and description can be set for the new list, along with the columns and their filters. Base filters can be used for more advanced filtering.
  • As a copy of an existing List – any other list in any of the sections can be copied and used as a basis for creating a new list. Copying a Dashboard will open a window from where the title is prefixed with “Copy of…”  and all the columns and base filters from the copied list shown. The user can then rename the title and adjust any other properties but most importantly select the category (public/private) from the dropdown menu.

My Private – This circle only
Lists created in this category will only be available for the current user within the current Circle.

My Private – Entire site

Lists created in this category will be available for the current user within the entire Site.

Public Lists

Regardless of the way a public List is created, it will first be created as a draft. This draft can then be customized by either editing its title or description or by customizing its properties such as columns or base filters.  After the List is considered done and ready, it can be published. All these actions are available from the dropdown menu on the List:

NB: The changes made to a draft public list are not published automatically and require the user to manually publish the changes. The same also goes for published lists, where editing will save the changes in a draft until it is republished. The draft changes are not visible to all the other users until it is published.
Lists can be public for users in the entire Site or only those in the Circle to access; Public – Entire site and Public – This circle only respectively.

Editing Lists

Existing lists can be edited i.e. the title, description, columns and base filters etc. from the dropdown next to the specific list.