My Activity Feed

The personalized Activity feed shows all changes made or comments written within the site or circle, that are relevant for the user currently logged in.  Unlike the Circle activity feed this feed does not show all changes, but only those changes there are deemed relevant. A change or comment is considered relevant if:

  1. The user himself made the change
  2. The user (or his team) is assigned to the item
  3. The user (or his team) follows the item
  4. The user (or his team) is mentioned in the comment or description.

Each change log or comment will be shown as a line with user, type of change and the item this change was made to and finally when the change was made. To see the details of the change log or the fill comment, click the pop up icon marked with the red circle. It is possible to navigate and see older changes by scrolling to the bottom of the dashlet.