Using the Data API

To extract data from Agemba and use it in another system, you can use the Data API. This API allows you to retrieve list data, which can then be exported to tools such as Google Sheets or other data analysis tools. Note that the API can only be used for “reading”, not for updating data.

To use the Data API, you need to have Data API Read Access as part of your site user rights. Note that accessing the Data API incurs an additional license cost per user.

To create a Data API URL, you need to first generate a Personal Access Token (PAT). This token is unique to you and should not be shared. Each user can only have one PAT for the entire site, and generating a new one will invalidate any previously generated URLs. It’s important to keep your PAT safe, as the system doesn’t store it.

Once you have your PAT, you can choose the data source you want to extract data from. This data will be based on a configured list, which you can customize in the list view.

Finally, you can choose the export format (CSV/JSON), date format, and HTML formatting options.

The generated URL can be copied to the clipboard or opened in a new browser tab to view the results. You can also modify a previously generated URL by pasting it into the setup dialog.