Getting constructive input about a product or service is vital to its development and success. Ideally, the information should come from diverse sources, including new ideas or innovations from the supplier side. The totality of this input is called a “feedback, feedforward loop.” It is a continuous cycle that starts and ends with the customer but circulates through an organization’s value stream.

To aid this process, Agemba’s Feedback tool can collect feedback from clients that are not members of the site. When you enable Public Feedback in the Circle configuration, you get a link for a Feedback submission page, which you can share with your clients. From this page (right view below), clients can describe and submit feedback, which appears on the Feedback page in the circle view inside Agemba (left picture below).

Team members can communicate with the client and add internal-only properties such as Feedback Type, Assigned To or comments. Furthermore, each feedback can be linked with stories, issues, or ideas, thereby connecting your dialog with your client with the user stories you are working on.