Following an Item

In Agemba you can manually choose which items are of special interest to you and you therefore wish to follow changes made to them.

When you follow an item (e.g. a story) all changes made to this item and comments written on it will be included in your personalized activity feed shown on the dashboard to give you an immediate overview of changes relevant to you. On the dashboard or in the list view you can also choose see a list of items you follow sorted according the the most recently edited. 

The simplest way of following an item is following as user. You can do so by clicking on the Follow as User menu in the right-click menu. To stop following the item, click the Unfollow as User menu. When creating a new item, you can also choose to automatically follow it, by selecting the I want to follow future changes checkbox.

Another way of following an item is by following as a team. This means that the team will be listed as the one following the item, not your user directly. All team members will see changes made in their personalized activity feed (including new added team members). Any team member can – on behalf of the team – choose to follow or unfollow an item by clicking Follow/Unfollow as Team in the menu.

It is visible to all which users or teams have chosen to follow a given item. In the More Details box in the overview of an item, a list of all users and teams following the item is shown.