FREE WEBINAR Come Full Circle with Agemba – Organizing Ideas and Agile Workflows

Wednesday, May 11. 7 PM CET. Duration: 1  hour 

Presenters Christian Myrstad and Anne Due Broberg

In the early stages of coming up with an idea, it sometimes proliferates organically – especially if it is ping-ponged with others in good teamwork.

At some point though, the need for some kind of organization or patterning occurs. If you are an entrepreneur, engineer or artist you will know that feeling when the scope of an idea starts to surpass your memory capabilities or maybe the usefulness of your spreadsheet.

With the software tool Agemba, its Story Map can be used to map out and organize your ideas and, highlight the stories that need to be experimented on or produced. These stories can then be pulled into workflows that are coupled with the original idea providing transparency and coherence for everyone involved.

In this webinar on Wed, May 11th, 7PM CET, Christian Myrstad and Anne Due will give a practical example of how to come Full Circle with Agemba, from creative innovation and agile workflows to ideas materializing.
The webinar will end with an exclusive Agemba offer to all attendees.

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Recording of the webinar