Deadlines and Planning

A Deadline is a date, where a story or epic needs to be finished. A Planned date is a date, where the story or epic is planned to be finished. If there is a conflict between the deadlines and the planned date, warnings will be shown on the story or epic.


A story or epic can have more deadlines. The earliest deadline is the Effective Deadline, i.e. the latest date where the story or epic needs to planned.

A story or epic can get deadlines in different ways. E.g.

  • Link the story or epic to a milestone. You can link the story or epic to a milestone in e.g. Roadmap, Outline, Storymap or in the Relations Tab. The milestone has a deadline, which becomes a deadline on the story or epic linked to it.
  • A release is a special kind of milestone (it is also a planning container). The release also has a deadline and you can link the story or epic to a release milestone in Roadmap etc as mentioned above. You can also add a release deadline to a story or epic by planning it in e.g. Product Backlog.
  • In the Details Edit tab of the story or epic you can add a specific Required When date.
  • If a parent in the storymap tree has an Effective Deadline, the child story or epic will inherit this date.

Planned Date

If a story or epic is planned to a release, its planned date is set to the release milestone. If a story is further planned to sprint, the sprint end date will instead become the planned date.

Preplanning will not set the planned date (preplanning containers have no dates). Adding a story to a kanban lane will also not set the planned date, but you can add the story to a release as well, which will set the date.


If the planned date does not meet the deadline requirement of a story or epic or if the deadline is exceeded, warnings will be shown in the overview tab and on mouseover of the card.

A warning triangle is shown on the story or epic cards in the Storymap, Product Backlog pages etc.

In the Product Backlog left window (input window), you can get a list of all stories and epics with warnings. These can be sorted according to effective deadlines.