Deadlines and Planning

A Deadline is the date, where the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace needs to be finished.

The Planned start/end date is the date interval, where the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace is planned to be in a sprint or kanban lane.

The work period is time period where work is expected to be carried out. This time period is either set directly in the Edit Details view or indirectly in the Roadmap.

If there is a conflict between the deadlines, the planned start/end dates or the work period, warnings will be shown on the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace.


The alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace can have more deadlines. The earliest deadline is the Effective Deadline, i.e. the latest date where the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace needs to planned.

The alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace can get deadlines in different ways. E.g.

  • Link the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace to a milestone. You can link the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace to a milestone in e.g. Product Backlog, Roadmap, Outline, Storymap or in the Relations Tab. The milestone has a deadline, which becomes a deadline on the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace linked to it.
  • A release is a special kind of milestone (it is also a planning container). Planning a alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace to a release affects the deadline just like linking it to a milestone. You can plan the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace in the Edit Details view or like the other milestones, as described above.
  • In the Edit Details view of the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace you can add a specific Required When date.
  • If a parent in the story map tree has an Effective Deadline, the child’s story or epic will inherit this date.

Planned Period

If the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace is planned for a sprint, its planned start and end dates will be set to the start and end dates of the sprint.

If the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace is planned to a kanban lane, the planned start date will be the date it is planned, and the end date will be derived based on the Planned Lead Time of the kanban lane.


If the planned date or the working period does not meet the deadline requirement of the alh-replace:typestory/alh-replace or if the deadline is exceeded, warnings will be shown in the overview tab and on mouseover of the card.

A warning triangle is shown on the story or epic cards in the Storymap, Product Backlog pages, etc.

In the Product Backlog left pane, you can get a list of all stories and epics with warnings. These can be sorted according to effective deadlines.