Improved data export and overview of Objective contributions

You can now experience the latest updates for Agemba as of May  31. Besides a number of visual improvements, these are the highlights:

More options when exporting data

When you export data from a list view, a collection or by selecting multiple cards, you will now always be shown the same export dialog. This allows you to choose between exporting to Excel, PDF or CSV – or if you want to copy data directly to the clipboard. You can also customize various export options (e.g. date format) or choose to export descriptions and user stories as Markdown:


Export comments and activity to Excel or PDF

You can now export your complete comment trail or activity log to either Excel or PDF by clicking the export button:

Overview of Objective contributions

If you have a number of objectives or risks selected (or in a collection), you can now right click to get an overview of how all the related stories are contributing to the value of your objectives. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to submit it to the support team here.