Inbox and Heap Overview

“Inbox” and ”Heap” subsections exist in the “What” section and in all the sub-categories of the “Why” section.

“Inbox” is specifically meant to contain newly created (outside of the Storymap or from its menu) and also newly delegated work, that is yet to be functionally placed into the rest of the Storymap tree structure; somewhat like the function of the inbox in emailing services. It is therefore not possible to start any actual execution of the work while it is here and any attempt to set work into progress etc. will automatically move it to the “Heap”. Note that it is not possible to manually put any work, created elsewhere, here.

The “Heap” is meant to contain work that needs to implemented but does not necessarily need to be functionally placed into the Storymap tree structure. As a consequence, parent-child relations are not supported while working here. The work here can at anytime be moved to the rest of the Storymap structure and vice versa.