Introducing Circle groups, customizable Sprint and Kanban workflows and Data API

You can now experience the latest updates for Agemba as of April the 28th. These are the highlights:

Introducing Circle groups

You can now create Circle groups in the Circlemap to better represent your organization or initiative. To create a Circle group, simply right-click on the spot where you want to place it, and select the option from the menu that appears.



Customizable Sprint and Kanban workflows

You can now customize a Sprint’s workflow to include state columns that match your execution processes.
You can also specify whether or not individual Kanban lane state columns are split into doing and done.
For each Sprint or Kanban lane, you can choose whether or not stories must go through all the state columns in the specified order.

Generate Data API URLs

You can generate URLs, that include a Personal Access Token, to help you fetch specific data from Agemba, to use in other systems.
Go to the More menu to access this feature. 
Please note that you will need to have Data API Read Access as part of your site user rights in order to access this feature.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to submit it to the support team here.