Agemba now supports multi-selection, labels and collections

Agemba has been updated with a number of exciting improvements, that allows you to select multiple cards and work with labels and collections.


It is now possible to add custom text labels to all items in Agemba (same as is called tags in other systems). These labels can be used to identify stories and for finding all items with a given label by searching for it.

You can add a label to a story in the edit view or via the right click menu in the Organize section. Previously used labels will be suggested and it is also possible to create new labels on-the-fly (with managing user rights). 

Items with a label can be found by free text search or by setting up a column filter in the list view. You can also type in “label:test label” in the free text search field to restrict your search to only the label “test label“.


Each story can now be added to multiple custom collections. These collections provide a way of collecting an ordered list of stories without moving them from their primary position in the Storymap.

You can add a story to a collection either from the Relations tab, from the right click menu (Organize section) or in the Product Backlog by dragging cards into collections and ordering them there.

The Product Backlog has now been divided into 4 sections: Releases (and sprints), Milestones, Kanban and Collections – all which allow you to drag cards from the left pane into these containers for planning or ordering.

Selecting multiple cards

In most views it is now possible to select more than one story card by pressing Ctrl while clicking on the cards. When you have a selection of cards, you can:

  1. Choose to follow all items
  2. Add/Remove labels
  3. Add/Remove from collections
  4. Assign to user or team
  5. Show these cards in the left pane in the same view or in another view
  6. Export the items to PDF, Excel, CSV or clipboard

Hiding cards in Tactical Backlog and Product Backlog

In both Tactical Backlog and Product Backlog it is now possible to hide all Done items from the view.

In Tactical Backlog you can choose to only see the stories or tasks that you have explicitly been assigned to. If you have been assigned to a task, the other tasks will be grayed out to let you see the context.


As always, if you have any questions, then please feel free to contact the support team.