Outline Help

Outline View

In the Outline view you see the Storymap Tree as an indented tree list for the Functional (What) and Feedback Folders. 
An adjustable timeline is incorporated, plotting Releases and Sprints according to their start and end times.
Planned Epics or Stories can also be displayed, including Kanban Lanes.
Existing Milestones of the different types, will also be displayed corresponding to their dates.

Locate Planned Items in the Tree List

The Outline view is ideal for tracing Epics and Stories either directly from Releases, Sprints or Kanban Lanes shown on the timeline, up and down the tree list, or vice versa. Right click the item to trace, to access the Locate function.

Indicator lines are used to link the Epics and Stories that are planned and will be shown only when the item is actively selected.

Planning Items

Items listed in the tree can be planned to any of the planning containers actively shown on the timeline by dragging and dropping them into the desired planning container. Alternatively, the same can be done from the item’s Edit tab, accessible via right click or clicking its menu icon.

How to create Stories, Epics etc.

You can add children (Stories, Epics etc.) to the trees by right-clicking on an entity and selecting the type you want to create, from the menu.

Show/hide Planned Items

It is possible to toggle between showing and hiding items in any of the planning containers, from the View dropdown menu at the top left corner while in the Outline view.

Export to PDF

A snapshot of the Outline view can be exported as a PDF for external use, from the Export menu, located at the top left corner of the view.

See Connections

The connections map is available in the Outline to give a quick overview of the impact a specific Story or other item has, such as when and where it is planned, what it solves or what depends on it.
It shows the card centered and all the other items impacted by it, suspended around it as can be seen in the snippet below:

To see the connections map of a particular Story or any other item in the Outline, right click its card and there should be a menu item to do that.
Once open, the details of any of the cards can be seen by clicking to select and then unfolding the right pane.
To close the connections map, click anywhere outside the cards on display.

Easy access to Detail Overview

Like many of the other views, details of Items displayed in the Outline can be seen by selecting the particular item and unfolding the right pane.

Illustrations and Icons

The Outline uses a number of illustrations and icons to present certain information in one compact view. These include:

  • Horizontal lines of different lengths; the dark blue line represents the Release and the shorter light blue line the Sprint an item is planned to
  • The effective deadline
  • If an item has also been added to the Roadmap, then the date will also be displayed here using
  • When an item is planned to a Kanban Lane it will be illustrated by the icon
  • When the Required When has been set on an item, it will marked by the icon
  • Whenever an item has been delegated with a deadline, it will be illustrated using the icon combination 

Current Date Indicator

A current date marker has been included in the timeline to assist the user in putting things into perspective

Keyboard Shortcuts

Enter key will open a modal window with the overview of the currently selected card.

Ctrl + E  loads the edit form for a selected item

Up and Down Arrow keys will select items up and down the tree list, respectively.

Esc will close any open modal windows or forms.