Outline Help

Outline View

In the Outline view you see the Storymap Tree as an indented tree list for each of the sections “When”, “What”, “Why” and “Who”.

How to create Stories, Epics etc.?

You can add children (stories, epics etc.) to the trees by right-clicking on an entity and select the type, you want to create, from the menu. 

Show more details in ‘When’ section

There are certain views that have been included in the ‘When’ section that can be enabled and disabled at the user’s will. By default, the ‘Outline View’ is the selected view and it shows a tree list of the releases, sprints and milestones just like other entities in the other sections. The alternative view is the ‘Timeline View’ and this simply shows the releases, sprints and milestones within a timeline. These can be switched from the hamburger menu as shown in the screendump below:

While in the ‘Timeline View’, additional views are made available for the user to switch between. These are:

  • Timeline Compact View – will only show releases, sprints and milestones on the timeline. It’s also the default view.
  • Timeline Full View – will include the epics/stories along with what is shown in the compact view above.
  • Labels – adds labels (titles) to the entities that are shown on the timeline.

See screendump below: