Roadmap Help

The Roadmap is a high-level overview of milestones and steps. It gives you a starting point for your initial planning as well as a top-level view of the progress. The planning may be detailed in Outline, StoryMap and Product Backlog.

Add Lanes (Themes/Infrastructure-Themes) to the Roadmap

Initially the Roadmap contains a “When lane where you can add milestones (see below).  

In addition to the “When” lane, you may add lanes in the Roadmap for each theme and infrastructure-theme, you want to be visible in the Roadmap.  When you add a lane, you can either:

  1. Create a theme/infrastructure-theme for the new lane directly in the Roadmap. The new theme will also be visible below the “What” section in the StoryMap tree.
  2. Select an existing theme from the StoryMap tree and use this theme as the base for the new lane.

You can create or add a theme lane from the “Add” menu. A menu list with the options described above will be shown.

How to get started with Milestones?

As mentioned above, the Roadmap contains a “When lane where you can add your milestones. Right-click on the lane and select the type, you want to create. You may also create a release as a special type of milestone. The stories in the release can later on be detailed in the Product Backlog.

Milestone Deadline

The default deadline of a new milestone depends on, below which date you right-click in the lane. 

You may afterwards change the deadline by double-clicking on the milestone card and edit the date in the input window or by dragging the milestone item to the left or right. Dragging can be enabled and disabled from the Tools menu located at the top-left or from the item’s context menu.

Plan Stories and Epics in the Theme/Infrastructure-Theme Lanes

You may now start the planning of contents in the theme lanes. You can add stories and epics already created in the Outline or StoryMap tree windows.

In the initial draft planning you may instead choose to create notes directly in the Roadmap. The notes created in the Roadmap will also be visible in the StoryMap tree below the themes. The notes can later on be converted to stories or epics.

Connect Items to Milestones

You may specify that a note, epic or story is related to a specific milestone or release. Hold down the “Alt” key and drag from the note/epic/story to a milestone or release card. A line is drawn to indicate the relation. The new relation also exists, if you view the items in the StoryMap or Outline.