Sprint Backlog

Tactical Backlog View

The Sprint Backlog view is a daily tool for the sprint team to keep track of the sprint progress.

Stories with the highest priority have been added to the sprint in the Product Backlog view. The total effort estimate of the stories in the sprint must match the resources available in the sprint period. 

Each Team in a circle has its own tactical queues, zero to one set of Sprints (a series of non-overlapping lanes) and 0-N Kanban lanes. If there is more than one Kanban lane, it will be because the Team offers different classes of services, e.g. different workflows for different service requests.

Tasks can be created directly in the lane a Story is in, using the icon.

“State” Lanes

In the Sprint Backlog view, the team creates tasks for each user story. The Sprint Backlog view has lanes for “To Do”, “Progress” and “Done”. All stories with their tasks start in the “To Do” lane. When a task implementation is initiated or finalized, it is moved to the next state lane. Lanes running across columns with sub-states will be denoted with “DONE” to indicate completion in that sub-state.

Kanban Lanes

Kanban is a lean method to manage and improve work across human systems. This approach aims to manage work by balancing demands with available capacity, and by improving the handling of system-level bottlenecks.

If created in the Product Backlog, Kanban lanes will appear right below the Sprint lane as can also be seen in the screen dump above. See Kanban lane for more details.

Impact Map

The Impact Map is available in the Sprint Backlog to give a quick overview of the impact a specific story or other item has, such as when and where it is planned, what it solves or what depends on it.
It shows the card centered and all the other items impacted by it, suspended around it as can be seen in the snippet below:

To see the Impact Map of a particular story or any other item in the Sprint Backlog, right click its card and there should be a menu item to do that.
Once open, the details of any of the cards can be seen by clicking to select and then unfolding the right pane.
To close the Impact Map, click anywhere outside the cards on display.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Enter key will open a modal window with the overview of the currently selected card.

Ctrl + E  loads the edit form for a selected item

Up and Down Arrow keys will select items up and down the left pane list as well as the main view, respectively.

Esc will close any open modal windows or forms.