Storymap Help

In the Storymap view, all the items in the Storymap Tree are shown top-down. You may choose to show only part of the tree by selecting Why, What, Who or When from the menu at the top. If you want to show contents from only a specific card and down, then click on the card to make it current. The card will then appear in the selection menu at the top.


Three panes are available in the Storymap view. You may select different parts of the tree in the different panes and including last selected from the pane’s dropdown; see example in screendump below:

You can drag items from one pane to another. This makes it easier to move items or create relations between subtrees.


A relation could be that a story is part of a sprint. The relation is shown as a line between the story and the sprint cards. You can hide or show different types of relations in the View menu at the top. 

Click here to see different types of relations.

Impact Map

The Impact Map is available in the Storymap to give a quick overview of the impact a specific story or other item has, such as when and where it is planned, what it solves or what depends on it.
It shows the card centered and all the other items impacted by it, suspended around it as can be seen in the snippet below:

To see the Impact Map of a particular story or any other item in the Story Map, right click its card and there should be a menu item to do that.
Once open, the details of any of the cards can be seen by clicking to select and then unfolding the right pane.
To close the Impact Map, click anywhere outside the cards on display.

Delegating to Other Circles

Delegation can be done when the Circle is part of an organization that has multiple teams working in different Circles i.e. with individual product backlogs, and work needs to be shared between them. All the different types of Epics and Stories can be delegated to and from Circles, from their context menu accessible via right click or menu icon. The only requirement is that connection between the Circles should have been established in the Circle Map. More on delegation here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Enter key will open a modal window with the overview of the currently selected card.

Alt key held down and drag from one card to another, except from Releases/Milestones, creates a relation between them.

Up, Down, Right and Left arrow keys switch selected items, respectively.

Esc will close any open modal windows or forms.