Support for Multiple Roadmaps and Contacting Support Platform

Among the many recent improvements and changes made to Agemba, these are most noteworthy:

Multiple Roadmaps

Agemba has been updated to make it possible for you to create as many roadmaps as you need for your circles.
This is primarily to help you to create targeted roadmaps rather than a single overpopulated roadmap that can be hard to manage and use.
It is also possible from now on to create a roadmap and its lanes in one go. See illustration below:
Please also note that any item can be in multiple roadmaps.
Following these improvements, the New Roadmap Lane button has also been moved to above the lane headers, to make it easier to access.


Contacting Support platform

Now you can submit any questions, suggestions or issues directly to the Agemba support team.
This change takes advantage of the recently released support for client feedback submission in Agemba that you can read more about here. See also below: