New Product Backlog

In release 1.5.0 of Agemba the most noteworthy change is a completely new Product Backlog design:

  • Cards are now styled like those shown in the Storymap tree
  • All cards can be selected and shown in the right pane overview
  • The list of unplanned stories formerly shown to the right has been replaced by a filterable and sortable list to the left, which is intended to give a better overview of the yet unplanned stories
  • An epic can now be shown in the left pane input view (instead of the list), which will show all stories below this epic. This facilitates planning all stories below a given epic, thus combining the functional hierarchy from the Storymap with the planning perspective of the Product Backlog
  • A new type of list, Preplanned list, has been introduced, which are shown after all your releases. This allows preplanning a story, i.e. grouping stories in a list without being specific about which release date they are planned for. In the next version of agemba, it will be possible to convert a preplanned list to a release.

If you have any questions as to how to use this new Product Backlog, then please contact the support team