Resembling Gantt Chart, Agemba’s Outline provides a key time perspective to a hierarchical list of epics and stories arranged by their functional dependencies.

The Outline view is a variation of the Storymap and displays functionally ordered Stories as an indented tree. Additionally, it incorporates a timeline plotting Releases and Sprints with their planned Stories.

Story Representation

Stories are represented as horizontal rows running across the view from left to right. The Story row displays key properties such as type, workflow state, unique id, title, etc. Stories can be re-ordered by drag and drop and titles edited by double-clicking on them.

Planning Visualized in a Timeline

In the timeline at the top, all Releases, Sprints and  Milestones are shown. When a Story row is selected a vertical line indicates which Sprint or Release the Story is planned to and likewise for any Milestones. If a Story is not yet planned, the row can be dragged to a Release or Sprint.

Moving up and down in the tree gives the user a quick overview of how each Story or Epic is planned.

How-to Video

This video offers a how-to go-through of the Outline

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