Site Roles

A user will have a Site role which determines his user rights in that Site. Most user rights are, however, determined by the Circle roles.

The three different Site roles each require a different user license. A user will only take up one user license for the entire Site, depending on the most “expensive” user role he has.

Site Roles

External User – External Users have virtually no user rights except those in the circles which they are part of. They are not allowed to see all circles or all users on the site – they can only see the circles which they themselves are part of. This role requires the Limited license.

Internal User – Internal Users can see all details in the entire Site. They can see stories and comment on them in circles which they might not be a part of. This role requires the Regular license.

Site Administrator – Site Administrators have the responsibility of managing the site. They can invite/remove users, create circles and setup circle relations. This role requires the Leadership license.