It is crucial for organizations that their plan projections, due dates and other time constraints are communicated well and clear across the entire organization. This will help to improve the way general planning is done and how major decisions are made. The Roadmap in Agemba has been designed to serve this very purpose.

The Roadmap is a high-level overview of milestones and steps. It gives you a starting point for your initial planning as well as a top-level view of the progress. The Roadmap allows you to show and position a choice selection of the most important Epics in a timeline and maintain an overview of their relations to major milestones. The actual planning can then be detailed in the Product Backlog, Outline or Story Map.

Customizeable Lanes 

Lanes are the horizontal rows in the Roadmap. You can add the number of Lanes in the Roadmap you wish to have for both Functional, Timeline and Objectives. 

Adding Epics, Stories and Notes

For each lane you can add existing Epics and Stories. You can also directly create minimal entities called Notes – these are to be used here analogous to the common use of Sticky notes on boards. 

Creating or adding Milestones and Deadlines

Milestones and deadlines can be created or added to the When lane. Adding Milestones or Deadlines simply means that you import the already existing ones created elsewhere in Agemba and they will automatically be placed on the lane to match their dates.

Link Items and Milestones

It is possible to plan the items displayed on the different Roadmap lanes by drawing relation lines to Milestones and Deadlines. In the case where imported Roadmap items were already planned to either a Milestone or Deadline that is displayed on the Roadmap, the relation line will be automatically shown when importing. Any dependency relations between Roadmap items can also be shown in the same way.

Working in the Roadmap

A set of features such as the possibility of reordering lanes and zooming and panning to adjust the date and time range of the timeline have been included here. Items in the Roadmap can be dragged around freely within their specific lanes along the timeline. To avoid changing dates unintendedly you can enable/disable dragging all or one of the items.

“How to” Video

This video offers a “how-to” go-through of the Roadmap

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