Sprint Backlog Left Pane (Input)

In the left pane of the Sprint Backlog window you can see the stories, epics etc. from the Storymap Tree, which have not yet been planned for a release or sprint. It is possible to drag each of these from the left pane to a release or sprint in the main pane. 

You can filter the list and have different orderings. For instance, you can show the ready epics/stories with the highest business value at the top.

The title, business value estimate and effort time are shown on the entity cards to get an easy overview.

Detailed Planning of Epic Contents

In the early draft planning of a release, you will often add epics to the release.

When you are ready to add the epics’ stories to sprints, select “Show in Product backlog input” from the epic cards’ menu. The epic and its children are then shown as a tree in the left pane. You can now drag individual stories to sprints.

Note than only stories, ideas and issues can be added to sprints – not epics.

Also note that all the epics’ children are shown – including stories and epics, which are already placed in a release. In the other lists only unplanned items were shown.