Agemba Single Licenses

Agemba is available both through purchase of single licenses or in a number of practical bundles consisting of a mix of user licenses.

Agemba operates with Leadership licenses that permit high level access and control, and Regular licenses suitable for conducting all daily operations. For each Leadership or Regular license, two Limited licenses are included, allowing participants to create, view and comment on specific items.

Regular License 

Allows a user to work and manage everything in the Circles he/she is involved in and to observe activity across the entire site.

Leadership License

Contains the full Regular License and allows a user to function as site and circle administrator.

The price of just one Regular License is 11 € pr. month The price of just one Leadership License is 22 € pr. month

Extra limited licenses added

For each license you buy – Regular or Leadership – you get two extra limited licenses for free to be used by customers, suppliers and stakeholders, giving them viewing rights into the Agemba site as well as the possibility of making suggestions and comments.

Example: Buy 50 regular licenses and 10 leadership licenses

50 + 10 = 60

60 * 2 = 120 

You get an extra 120 limited licenses.

User Rights

A user with a Limited License


A user with a Regular License


A user with a Leadership License

1 License per User

Every user needs one license in order to access and work in Agemba, which is independent of how many circles the user is involved in. A Leadership License is needed for a user to have administrative rights in either a circle or for the whole site.

Extra Features

Integration with Jira per Circle € 11/month, € 110/year

Extra Storage

Each subscription account (1 site) comes with 10 GB storage of Agemba objects and attachments

Additional 50 GB storage € 11/month, €  110/year


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