The Tactical Backlog provides transparent access to all tactical planning items including: epics, stories tasks, issues and impediments. It shows their time and effort estimates, the assigned team or user and the status of each item. In process oriented cases where a Kanban workflow is appropriate the Tactical Backlog shows tasks on a linear progression. Stories, Ideas and Issues appear in columns representing states such as “Ready,” “In Progress,” or “Done”. Items are moved from one state to state to another, either by drag and drop or through the Context Menu.

Story card

Every item in Agemba has a Story Card which contains information about it and is the means by which other stakeholders collaborate and communicate. It contains descriptions of the user story or work to be done, assignments, comments, attached files, links to documents and a host of other information critical to transparency and efficiency. 

Working with Tasks

One or more Tasks can be created for a Story and it will be shown under the Story card. Tasks transition through states just like  Stories and also have similar properties. The state of a Story is partly derived from its associated Tasks.

Kanban Lanes

Stories in Kanban Lanes are displayed in columns representing the progress state. Start and completion criteria is identified and each intermediary step has its own implementation criteria. 

The columns have information such WIP limit and total number of items, displayed on their headers.


The left pane can be used when more Stories, Ideas or Issues are planned for a Sprint or Kanban Lane.  This view is similar to the one in the Product Backlog and is used for prioritizing, sorting and filtering data..

“How to” Video

These videos offer a “how-to” go-through of the Sprint Backlog and working with Kanban

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