Tab: Activity

Activity Logs

In this tab you can see a history log of all the changes made to this entity. This includes:

  • Changes made by the user in the “Edit Details” tab in the modal window.
  • Changes made by the system as a result of other changes. For instance the aggregated Value Estimation on an epic is updated by the system, if a user has changed the Value Estimation for a child story.
  • All comments added by users for this entity. 

Filter Logs

At the upper right corner of the Activity window, you can select different filters to limit the logs displayed. For instance you can choose to show “Activity without system logs” to show only changes made by users.

You can also choose to see comments only. This is the same as displayed in the “Comment” tab. But in the “Activity” tab, you have filtering options (unread comments etc.), which you do not have in the “Comments” tab. This is to keep the “Comments” tab simple, while providing the more complex flexibility in the “Activity” tab.