Tab: Attachments

Attachments Tab

The “Attachments” tab shows all the images and files uploaded to the current entity.

Upload and add Links from Text Editor

When you are editing a text (a user story, a description, a comment etc.) you can insert an image or a link to a file in the text. If you drag a file to the editor area, the file is automatically uploaded as an attachment and a link to the attachment is added in the text. 

Note: The editor area needs to be selected in order to paste any content from the clipboard.

You can also link to an already uploaded file or image from the text editor. If you click on the image icon in the editor menu, a window with the images and files uploaded for this entity is opened. Select the file to link to. Read more here about using the text editor.

Upload directly in the Attachment Tab

You can also upload files directly in the attachment tab. These are not linked to from any texts, but you can add the links from the text editor afterwards.