Stories (orange cards) can be split into tasks (yellow cards). Typically, this is done as a part of a Sprint planning to divide a story into separate workable tasks.  Each …


Collections can be used as a generic way of maintaining an ordered list of stories and other items. A collection can be an alternative way of grouping a number of …


Feedback is for communicating with external clients about suggestions, problems or questions.  Feedback is either submitted by the client from a public feedback submission page or created on behalf of …


The Inbox is where new Stories (and Issues/Ideas or impediments/improvements) are put when created from the main menu.


A user can have different site and circle access right which will determine what they can or cannot do.


The milestone specifies a deadline. Epics and stories can be linked to this milestone to indicate that they must meet the deadline.


A Sprint is a time-box during which a “Done”, useable, and potentially releasable product/service increment is created.