Agemba especially caters to the needs Product Owners and others  involved with the strategic aspect of work:

  • Making priorities,
  • Understanding how deliverables are connected,
  • Being able to interpret dependencies
  • Act on estimates.

Today, change is a constant and technology a rapidly evolving variable. Responsible for meeting the strategic aims of their customers and their own organization, Product Owners must understand the objectives, priorities and values underpinning those aims and communicate clearly with the teams doing the work.

Designed with the Product Owner in mind, Agemba is a collaboration and workflow tool that provides everything from a snapshot of the current situation, to a roadmap leading to the destination.

It connects the “what” “why” “when” and “who” of each initiative, providing the critical ability to adapt to change while creating and maintaining a backlog that focuses on value.

As a vital tool for the Product Owner, the Art of Story Mapping is about collecting ideas from diverse sources and placing them in a visual context so they can be absorbed, enhanced and simplified and then communicated to all stakeholders.

To further help the Product Owner, Agemba’s Story Map feature aids dynamic visualizations of project elements with connections to their dependencies.

Another helpful tool used by Product Owners to achieve clarity is the User Story, a plain language document that establishes the rationale for the work at hand and which can be understood by all stakeholders. The format is simple:

  • Who: I want to do …
  • What: I need this feature …
  • Why: For this business value …
  • When: By this date …

Stories in Agemba has tab for User Stories so that all stakeholders can see and understand clearly what is required and when it will be delivered.