Choosing this Agemba site gives you some data to build on to see how Circles in Agemba can be set up to organize workflows across the Value Stream in your organization.

The Customer Circle is an ideal entry point, to invite your customers into to give feedback, create suggestions and estimate the Value of work. 

The Sales Circle contains mock data that show how a workflow can be created that handles customer requirements and sales and marketing initiatives.

The Development Circle contains examples of project and product development workflows. 

The Supplier Circle is a unit wherein Suppliers can be invited into the site to give their feedback and necessary information, as well as be able to estimate and display the cost of products or initiatives. 

This full site template displays how Agemba can be used to delegate work across teams or departments unifying your organization in a common understanding of both goals, progress and timelines. 

All content in this site template can be removed, reconfigured and rebuilt to reflect the setup of your organization.