Adding Users

In order to add a user, you need to first enter in their email address. If the a user with that email name is found, then you will prompted to just assign them the right permission and save, otherwise you will need to fill in the first name and last name first to continue. The added person then receives an email with a direct link to the Site/Circle and including a one-time password for new users. 

Once the user is logged into Agemba, they can edit their profile and add a profile picture for example.

User Roles and Teams

A user can have different roles and thereby have access to view, edit or perform different tasks. When you add a user, you specify, which role (e.g. Limited User, Regular User or Leadership User) the user will have. You can also assign him to one or more teams in the circle, whereby he will indirectly get a role. Read more about circle roles or site roles.

You can change the role and teams for existing users.

How to see and add Users?

Select “Manage Users” from “Users” in the Main Menu.