Milestone Card

Basically, the milestone specifies a deadline. Milestones are visible as cards in the Storymap Tree in the “When” section. 

Themes, epics and stories etc. can be linked to the milestone to indicate that they must meet the deadline.

In Outline, milestones can be shown in the timeline. In Roadmap they are placed in a special lane.

Milestone Types

There are different types of milestones (delivery in, delivery out etc.). They work basically the same but the type indicates the kind of deadline to the reader of the Roadmap, Outline etc.

A release is a special kind of milestone. Like a simple milestone, it has a deadline. But it is also the base for the Product Backlog planning.

Relations from Themes, Stories and Epics to Milestones 

You can link stories etc. to the milestone in different ways:

  1. From Roadmap and Storymap: Hold down the “Alt” key and drag an arrow from the theme, epic or story to the milestone.
  2. Open the theme, epic or story modal window (double-click). From the “Relations” tab, you can select a milestone.
  3. Open the milestone modal window. From the “Relations” tab, you can select stories etc.

The above ways are also possible to link stories etc. to a release or sprint. Normally you will however use Product Backlog for the planning of releases and sprints.