Each circle can have one or more teams of users. A user can be part of any number of teams in the circle.

Why Teams – what are they used for?

With Teams you can:

  • Add access rights to users within circles. For instance, decide whether the user is allowed to edit stories, close sprint plannings etc. Instead of specifying the rights for each user, you can add the user to a team with specific rights defined. All members of the team will now have these rights. Note: An alternative way to add user rights is to apply User Right Groups to teams/users.
  • Assign stories and issues to a team. During the workflow of a story, different people may be responsible for the next step (i.e. write the story or issue, estimate the story, implement it etc.)  You can therefore assign the story to the person responsible for the next step. If a group of people is responsible, you can assign the story to a team of users. All persons in the team will be notified in a mail, if they are assigned to stories via a team.
  • Mention a team in story comments. When you mention a user or a team in a story/issue comment (by writing e.g. @sales), all users in the team will be notified about the comment in a mail. 

More about assigning stories and mentioning teams.

How to add Teams?

Select “Manage Teams” from the “More” Main Menu to see and maintain teams for the current circle. Note that not all users in the circle are allowed to add teams.

How to add users to a Team?

You can either set teams on user details or add users from team list: 

  • When you add a user to a circle, you can at the same time add the user to one or more teams by setting a checkmark next to the teams. 
  • You can also add users from the “Manage Teams” list. Double-click on a team to see team details and add users in the “Team members” tab. The users may already be part of the circle/site, or they may be new users. Users, who are new in the circle, will get an email to inform them, that they have been added. The mail will include a login password, if they do not already have a login to AgileLeanHouse.

Teams with user rights

As mentioned above, teams can be used to assign circle access rights to users. Often this is done by attaching one or more user rights groups  to the team. But you can also add individual rights to the team.

Some user rights requires that the user has a standard license. If a team includes these rights (i.e. gives these rights to its members), you are not allowed to add a user with only a guest license to this team. The User Right Type should set on the team to reflect the needed user licenses:

  1.  Team does not add any rights to user: Any users can be added to this team.
  2. Has Guest and Standard license user rights: Only users with standard license can be added to this team.
  3. Has Guest LIcense user rights: Any users can be added to this team.