A circle can have one or more teams of users. A user can be part of more teams.

Teams and Circles

In general you should consider the users of a circle as one team. They have one Manifest and one Product Backlog. It is good practice to create a basic team in the circle with all users in the circle.

But you can also create more teams with certain responsibilities. E.g. a team with all developers in the circle. This makes it easier to assign comments or tasks to a group of people.

Team Roles

You must assign a role to a team (Limited User, Ordinary User or Manager). All users in the team get this role. Some functionality in Agemba is only available for users with a certain role (e.g. to create teams).

How to add Teams?

In the “More” Main Menu select “Circle overview”. In the “Teams” tab, you can add teams.

Note that not all users in the circle are allowed to add teams (depends on permissions/role). But all the users can see the list of current users and teams in the Circle overview.