User Licenses

In Agemba there are three different user license levels: Limited, Regular and Leadership. A user will only take up one user license for the entire Site, depending on the most “expensive” user role he has. Additionally, extra modules can be added, such as Jira integration.

Please contact the Agemba support team to request more user licenses or modules for your Site. 

User License Levels

Limited – Limited licenses are for users which are not supposed to be able to see all Circles except those that they are member of themselves (i.e. External Users). In a Circle Limited Users can view all items and comment on them. They can only make changes if explicitly assigned to do so. 

Regular –  Regular licenses are for the users which either should be able to see all Circles in the Site (i.e. Internal Users) and/or act as Regular Users in a Circle. A Regular User can edit and plan stories etc, but with certain limitations.

Leadership –  Leadership licenses are for the Site Administrators or the Leadership Users in Circles, i.e. the users with all administrative rights.