User Licenses

In Agemba there are two user license levels: Guest and Standard. A user will only take up one user license for the entire Site, depending on the most “expensive” user rights assigned to them. Additionally, integration of circles with Jira will use up a Standard license.

The number of licenses available for your site can be configured in the AgileLeanShop

User License Levels

Guest– Guest licenses are for users who are not supposed to be able to access all Circles except those that they are members of.  In a Circle, users with this license level can be given the rights to view all items and comment on them or rights to only make changes if explicitly assigned to do so. 

Standard –  Standard license allows assigning every possible combinations of user rights both at the site and circle level. For instance those who should have full access to all Circles in the Site and/or work unrestricted within circles. Including all administration rights at both site and circle levels.

To know how to apply licenses and user rights to users, take a look over here