Version 1.10 released

Agemba version 1.10 has been released and with it comes a number of highly useful new features!

Deadlines and planning warnings

Specific required when deadlines can now be set for stories and epic, when a story has to be done and a certain date (and creating a separate milestones seems like to much). This data along with other contributions such as milestone relations, release planning, etc are then used to determine an effective deadline. If the planning of the story is in conflict with the deadline, the story is tagged with a warning displayed as an exclamation triangle. This also works when delegating stories or epics to another circle: if a story is planned and then delegated, the planned date will be the delegated deadline of the story in the other circle.


Subscribe to milestones from other circles in the Roadmap

Milestones can now be shared among circles. If circle X has created a common milestone, other circles can add this milestone to their Roadmap by subscribing to it. The milestone is still maintained in the original circle, but can be used in multiple circles and comments can be shared among users in all circles.


Inspect the impact of stories using the Impact Map

In the Storymap, the impact of a story can be displayed as an overlay for the selected card. This will show the planning and relations of the story as cards next to the story card.

You can always consult the icons to see help videos and texts. If you have any questions as to how to use these new features, then please contact the support team.