Version 1.12 released

Agemba version 1.12 has been released containing a lot of exciting changes!

Outline view revamped

This is the highlight of this release. Releases and Sprints are plotted into the timeline, to match with their start and end dates. Optionally, Kanban Lanes and Preplanned Lists can also be shown and their planned items too. The cards used to represent these planning containers are identical in appearance to that seen in the Product and Sprint Backlog views. Cards that are planned to any of the containers are marked with indicator lines and icons for milestone relations and deadline date indicators are displayed as well. In contrast to the outdated Outline view, the timeline utilizes the full height of the view and can thus be panned or zoomed anywhere within that area.


Chart rendering and information improved 

Chart rendering and the information displayed on them have been improved to make them more useful and easy to understand. Several different charts can be shown for Releases and Sprints as seen below:


Charts on the dashboard

Charts can now be configured to be shown in dashlets on the Dashboard. A Dashboard page has been preconfigured to show Release and Sprint charts and can be selected from the Dashboard.

Editing Dashboard

While this is not a new feature, editing a Dashboard has been experienced by many to be a complicated procedure. With this update, that has been addressed and it can be done in a more user-friendly way; as can also be seen from the illustration below: 

You can always consult the icons to see help videos and texts. If you have any questions as to how to use these new features, then please contact the support team.