Version 1.13 released

Agemba version 1.13 has been released containing some noteworthy changes!

Following Changes

It is now possible to choose to follow specific items in Agemba, either as an individual or collectively as a team. Following an item can be done while creating it or from its context menu, via right click or menu icon. Doing so will ensure that the individual or the team members see all changes in their personal activity feed on the Dashboard. Moreover, followed items will be listed on the Dashboard. Read more.


Adding Jira Issues directly in Agemba

For those working with Jira integrated Agemba Circles, it is now possible to add an existing Jira Issue, using its Jira Key, while in the Circle. This can be done in a very much similar way as when Epics or Stories are created i.e. via right click or menu icon. More on Agemba Jira Integration here.

User roles and licenses re-worked

In order to communicate more clearly about what different users can and cannot do, the user roles for both Circle and Site have been redefined, as have the required user licenses. Read more about Circle roles, Site roles and License levels.

…and a lot more

Numerous minor improvements and fixes have been made since the last release, in particular in the recently update Outline view.

You can always consult the icons to see help videos and texts. If you have any questions as to how to use these new features, then please contact the support team.