Version 2.1 released

Agemba has been upgraded to version 2.1 with some exiting new improvements!

Simpler to build a Storymap hiearchy with folders

A fundamental part of using Agemba is to construct a tree-like hierarchy of epics and stories in the Storymap or Outline. The point is to formulate the epics you want to achieve (aka deliverables) , plan them and break them down into smaller epics and finally stories, which can then be planned to a sprint or kanban. In the Product Backlog you can browse all unplanned epics and stories in the left pane.

However, in reality – and in particular in a long-term project with continuous improvement – part of this hierarchy structure is just categorization. The top level themes and epics do not represent actual deliverables that should be planned, but rather just folders. We have therefore converted the current themes to folders and allowed you to add as many layers of folders as you need. In these folders the actual epics and stories can be placed.


In the same way, issues and ideas can now be categorized in folders together in the Feedback section, and impediments and improvements are now just special kinds of issues and ideas.

Customize Roadmap lanes

Lanes in the Roadmap can now be freely created with custom titles in order to better structure the Roadmap as it suits the circle best. 

Other improvements

Multiple other improvements and fixes are introduced in this releases, such as: 1) improved lists of children in the modal dialog, 2) improved help when moving cards or creating relations using drag and drop in the Storymap and 3) mouseover info on all links.

You can always consult the icons to see help videos and texts. If you have any questions as to how to use these new features, then please contact the support team.