Version 2.4 released

Agemba has been upgraded to version 2.4, which both includes a bunch of minor fixes and improvements, but also some noteworthy new functionality:

Objectives and Risks

To keep an overview of the “Why” of your circle, you can create Objectives and Risks. Unlike simple Ideas and Issues, which can just be implemented by a story 100%, an Objective is some quantifiable goal that you want to achieve.

Multiple stories and epics can then be set to contribute to the objective, optionally with a specific contribution percentage – which should be interpreted as “the story will contribute with xx % of the quantifiable goal of the objective”. The system will also assist the Product Owner to manually set the right value for the story, based on the value of the objective.

Risks are just like objectives, but is something that you wish to avoid or minimize. Stories can therefore be said to mitigate a risk. 


Creating new Circles based on Templates

Instead of getting a completely empty circle, when you create a new one, you now have the option to create a circle based on a template. This will give your circle a specific setup and configuration and possibly demo data “from birth”. It is something we plan to extend in the near future with several context specific templates to meet the needs of many different situations.


Circle configuration

Agemba contains a lot of functionality to cover even the most complex and demanding situations. But in some cases, less is more. We have therefore introduced the option to disable functionality for a circle (when editing the circle). This includes disabling having a Roadmap or switching between using Sprints, Kanban or both. If both are enabled, the main menu will now be referred to as the Tactical Backlog instead of Sprint Backlog. 


Adding existing site users without invitation

Instead of having to invite all users to your circle, you now have the option to simply add users, which are already a part of your site. The added user can optionally be notified by email.

Release note and support

You can see the entire release note as a PDF here.

As always you can always consult the icons to see help videos and guiding texts. If you have any questions as to how to use these new features or Agemba in general, then please feel free contact the support team.