Version 2.5.1 released

Agemba has been upgraded to version 2.5.1, which primarily includes bug fixes and an improvement to the left pane in the Product/Tactical Backlog or Kanban Board.

Creating Relations in the Roadmap works again

It is once again possible to create relations between Roadmap items by holding down the ALT keyboard key and performing a drag gesture from one item to the other. 


Sprints won’t disappear when Release is highlighted in the Outline

Before this release, Sprints would be hidden if the Release they reside in was clicked.


Card information overview available on hovering over mini cards on the Outline

An easy and quick way to get to see the details of an item on the Outline timeline is by hovering over it with the mouse pointer. This stopped working for a while but now works with this release.


Transition from type- based lists in the Left Pane

The lists shown on the Left Pane in the Product/Sprint Backlog or Kanban Board have, until now, been filtered based on the different types that exist in Agemba. Moreover, the lists were identical in all of these views. With this release, the lists have been transitioned to hopefully more meaningful lists custom to each view.


Release note and support

You can see the entire release note as a PDF here.

As always you can always consult the icons to see help videos and guiding texts. If you have any questions as to how to use these new features or Agemba in general, then please feel free contact the support team.