Version 2.6.0 released

Agemba has been upgraded to version 2.6 which primarily includes some minor bug fixes, a major change to the left pane in the Storymap, plus improvements to the left pane in Product/Tactical Backlog or Kanban Board.

Before this release, the left pane in Storymap was just another pane that would show the Storymap tree structure. This has changed so that it resembles the left pane that is available in the Product/Tactical Backlog or Kanban Board views. It should be easier to search and also organize items via drag and drop from the left pane while in the Storymap.
Moreover, the left pane in all these views have been updated so that it is possible to view Releases/Sprints/Preplanned Lists and even Milestones with their items. See the illustration below.



Release note and support

You can see the entire release note as a PDF here.

As always you can always consult the icons to see help videos and guiding texts. If you have any questions as to how to use these new features or Agemba in general, then please feel free contact the support team.