Version 2.8 released

Agemba has been upgraded to version 2.8 which primarily includes some major improvements to the way user licenses and overall user rights are assigned and maintained in Sites and Circles.

Licenses have been condensed into only two categories: Guest and Standard. Guest licenses are meant for users that have limited access to Site and its Circles while the Standard license is for every other user, including administrators.

Together with the license change, user rights have been granularized so that it is now possible to assign very specific Site or Circle rights. In the case of Circles, it is highly recommended and more efficient to use User Right Groups and assign these to users or to teams, instead. User Right Groups are basically collections of user rights either for the Site or Circle.

Finally, it is now possible to create simple teams i.e. that do not impact its member’s Circle access rights.

Site User Rights and User Right Groups Illustration

Circle User Rights, User Right Groups and Teams Illustration


Release note and support

You can see the entire release note as a PDF here.

As always you can always consult the icons to see help videos and guiding texts. If you have any questions as to how to use these new features or Agemba in general, then please feel free contact the support team.