Accumulated Cost Estimates

Read more about the general principles of Cost estimation here.

If the story is delegated to another circle and cost is configured to automatically synchronize, then the displayed cost will be set in that circle. Read more about delegation synchronization here.


If this alh-replace:typeepic/alh-replace have any warnings regarding the cost, then they are displayed at the top of this box (Read More).


Highest Cynefin Complexity

The Cynefin complexity is not accumulated as a summed or weighted count. Instead you can see what the highest complexity assessment is of any story below this alh-replace:typeepic/alh-replace, both in Total and for the not completed Remaining stories. This does not give a complete overview of the distribution of complexity for this  alh-replace:typeepic/alh-replace, but it gives a hint as to where the complexity lies and if it has been completed or not. Read more about Cynefin.


Accumulated Effort Estimates

The accumulated effort is the sum of all effort estimates of the stories/epics below this alh-replace:typeepic/alh-replace. It shows the amount of effort (measured in story points, workdays or whatever unit that has been chosen for effort estimates) for the entire alh-replace:typeepic/alh-replace. Effort estimates are both accumulated for the not completed Remaining stories and for all Total stories to give an overview of how much work is completed compared with the total amount of estimated work.


A subset of the stories below this alh-replace:typeepic/alh-replace might be Must-haves. The accumulated effort for this subset, both Remaining and Total, is also shown. This is to give an overview of how much of all the work consists of Must-have as opposed to optional stories which might be down-prioritized. Read more about working with Must-haves.


Accumulated Worst-case Estimates

The accumulated Remaining worst-case estimate of the alh-replace:typeepic/alh-replace is based on all the not completed children below. Depending on whether multiple accumulation methods are allowed (see circle configuration) it is derived either as a simple sum (if children are assumed to be mutually dependent) or using the root-sum-squared method (if children are assumed to be mutually independent). 

The accumulated Total worst-case estimate is deliberately not shown, since it would not be statistically correct to use this digit for anything else than uncertainty comparison.

Effort Estimation Uncertainty

Uncertainty is the distance between accumulated expected and worst-case effort in percentage. The uncertainty is shown for both not completed Remaining stories and for all Total stories to give an overview of how much uncertainty remains – and whether the uncertainty has been reduced compared with the original offset (Total). Read more about working with uncertainties.


Accumulated Monetary Cost

The accumulated monetary cost is the summed financial cost of all stories below this alh-replace:typeepic/alh-replace, which is not directly work. It is estimated using the configured currency of the site and is shown for both not completed i.e Remaining stories and for all Total stories.